- August / September tour in Finnmark Norway

- October tour in Hordaland Norway

-  October 14th performing in Rennesøy Library, Norway


- October 9th Performing at Merge Norge Festival of Contemporary Circus in Oslo

- Maternity leave


- June 14th Performing at Fri Figur Puppet theatre Festival in Oslo Norway.

- May 19th – June 2nd Touring in Telemark, Norway.

- April 13th – May 13th Touring in the regions of Moss, Rygge, Råde and Våler in Østfold.

- April 5th performing in Vestfold Norway

- January 26th – February 6th touring in Hordaland, Norway.



- December 1st – 19th touring in Troms, Norway

- December 6th performing at Stalker Festival in Tallinn, Estonia

- November 3rd – 28th touring in Nordland, Norway

- September 29th – October 24th touring in Telemark, Norway

- October 7th-9th touring in Vestfold, Norway

- October 5th performing full show in Jönköping, Sweden

- September 8th – 24th touring in Østfold, Norway

- September 20th performing at Non Stop Festivalen in Moss, Norway

- September 2nd performing full show in Kulturtorget in Bø, Norway

- August 25th – September 5th touring in Vestfold, Norway

- August 12th performing full performance in Svedish at Göteborgs Kulturkalas, Sweden

- July 25th and 26th performing custom made short version at Månefestivalen, Fredrikstad, Norway

- May 24th performing the show in french at L’Européenne de Cirque at La Grainerie outside of Toulouse, France

- May 9th-10th performing the show in spanish at Trapezi im Reus Spain.

- April 27th performing at Teaterfestival at City Scene in Fredrikstad, Norway.

- April 25th performing at Markedet for Scenekunst in Sandefjord, Norway.

- April 5th performing the show in swedish at Teaterdagarna at Riksteatern Stockholm.

- Febuary 12th, 13th & 14th performing at Subcase in Stockholm.

- January 31st performing at Litteraturhuset Fredrikstad at the Fredrikstadblad “ille.bra-prisen”

- January 17th & 18th performing at St. Croix Huset in Fredrikstad, Norway.

- January 11th performing short version at Fredrikprisen, City Scene Fredrikstad.